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Sermon Outlines

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  • Oct28Fri

    'Learning to Be Content' by Pastor Vern

    October 28, 2016

    Proverbs 2: 1-11                         

    One of the kingdom challenges for all believers in our current world is to be content with our lives.

    So much of current advertising and communication is to tell us how much we need the new products that are being developed. This is predicated by the message that we should have a growing dissatisfaction with whatever we have and its limited effectiveness. We should demand the newer and better option. We have become a ’throw away’ society. Get rid of things not because they are worn out but because they are old. The Bible teaches the polar opposite to this misguided view.

    Contentment – definition – Webster’s Dictionary

    • ·         Quality of being content or satisfied
    • ·         To be at peace with one’s heart
    • ·         Refrain from further effort/results
    • ·         To make due with current resources
    • ·         Appreciation for what I now have
    • ·         Satisfied with strength –  confident (walls of a fort to protect/bridge deck or span to support)

    1 Godly contentment has the value of hidden treasure – vrs 4

    • ·         Thought and effort are required
    • ·         The worship of God is involved
    • ·         We discover the knowledge of God

     2 Godly contentment surrounds us with kingdom blessing – vrs 7-8

    • ·         We enjoy victory
    • ·         God guides our steps
    • ·         God protects the faithful

     3 Godly contentment influences our daily lives – vrs 9-11

    • ·         We learn the value of truth
    • ·         God’s truth enters our heart
    • ·         We will have joy in our lives
    • ·         Discretion will be our companion

     APPLICATION - Contentment Theology

    • ·         Godly people have their focus more on God than on possessions, position or power 2 Cor 12:9
    • ·         Godly people believe that God will supply all needs and work and our circumstances – Rom 8:28
    • ·         Godly people know that faithfulness to His call is more important than being first – Mark 8:34
    • ·         Godly people know that we are who we are by God’s design and choice – Psa 139: 13-16
    • ·         Godly people know that we enjoy blessings because of God,  not because we deserve them - James 1:17
    • ·         Godly people know that each part of the body of Christ is important – Eph 4:16
    • ·         Godly people know that our call and task, given by the Lord, requires our faithfulness – Col 3:23
    • ·         Godly people know that our faithfulness to the task brings glory to God – Matt 25:21

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