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Sermon Outlines

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  • Nov4Fri

    'Learning to Be Thankful' by Pastor Vern

    November 4, 2016

    1 Samuel 1:24 – 2:2                    

    Being thankful in a fast paced world is difficult. So much of modern advertising is aimed at or designed to make us discontented with what we have. We are face subtle influence and are programmed to want more, bigger or better. But the Bible tells us to confront these kinds of attitudes and come before God with a humble and thankful heart. How do we do that?

    Definition of thankful

    • ·         Expression of appreciation
    • ·         Gratitude
    • ·         Feeling or thought that requires action

     Lessons of thankfulness

    1 Life threatens thankfulness – vrs 1: 6-7

    • ·         Hannah carried a heavy burden that seemed to increase with time
    • ·         Hannah felt the pressure of others
    • ·         Hannah moved from discouragement to anguish
    • ·         Hannah was in bitterness and tears – vrs 10   
    • ·         Hannah poured out her heart to the Lord – vrs 11   
    • ·         The difficulties we face challenge our faith and life
    • ·         The enemy of our souls knows how to press our buttons

    2 Mountain top moments prompt thankfulness – vrs 20  

    • ·         Hannah gives birth – high point at this moment in her life
    • ·         Name Samuel (Because I asked the Lord for him)
    • ·         Hannah lives with the awareness of her promise – vrs 11  
    • ·         Hannah raises Samuel with this desire
    • ·         Hannah presents Samuel to Eli – vrs 25
    • ·         Hannah restates her answer to prayer – vrs 27   
    • ·         Hannah keeps her promise and they worship – vrs 28   

    3 Thankfulness is a normal result of a healthy relationship with God – vrs 2: 1-2  

    • ·         Thankfulness often comes by way of sacrifice
    • ·         Thankfulness can be given even before we see the full answer
    • ·         Thankfulness can be enjoyed in the ordinary events of life
    • ·         Thankfulness can be given during the tough times
    • ·         Thankfulness can bring healing for heartache
    • ·         Thankfulness cultivates a healthy attitude for daily life
    • ·         Thankfulness increases our optimism and outlook on daily life
    • ·         Thankfulness grows as I work on my relationship with God


    • ·         I choose to remain thankful through my circumstances
    • ·         My thankful heart is strengthened as God works
    • ·         The closer my relationship with God grows the deeper my thanks is

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