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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Matt 9: 9-12

    I am drawn to the hopefulness of Matthew as he responds to the invitation of Jesus to ‘follow me’.

    I think that all of us long for something more in Christ and look for a deeper more complete work within. Matthew needed something more in his life than what he was doing. Just like all of us we long for the next step.


    • On the Sea of Galilee
    • Border area between Roman rulers Philip and Herod
    • Custom and excise tax office
    • This biblical account tells of a regional gathering to see Jesus who had returned


    • Job security as tax collector
    • Knew lots of people but not well liked
    • Heard lots of hard luck stories but still required taxes to be paid up
    • Would have heard about Jesus
    • Probably heard about the pigs failing swimming lessons on the others side of the water
    • Would have heard about and seen the evidence of the man now healed – Matt 9: 1-8
    • Would have known some of the four who carried the stretcher and many in the full house
    • Was aware of Jesus but not engaged at this point

    1 No matter what we are doing we need Jesus

    • The good news of Jesus engages us right where we are
    • Matthew was doing his job
    • His mind was working over many questions and thoughts – looking at the evidence walking
    • Jesus looked at Matthew and gave him an invitation to follow
    • What Matthew does with that invitation will be a defining moment in his life – vrs 9
    • We are the same with the invitation that Jesus gives us

    2 We all have areas that need the healing of Jesus

    • The religious people have a problem – vrs 11     
    • Jesus is with socially disfavoured group of Mathews friends and contacts
    • Jesus responds with this missions statement -  vrs 12-13   
    • ‘Not the healthy but the sick’…‘I have not come to call the righteous but sinners’

    3 When we come to Jesus spiritual health begins

    • Jesus brings healing and forgiveness
    • That touches our lives right then
    • We all are in need of the fresh work and healing of Jesus


    • Jesus invites us to come to Him
    • Coming to Jesus is more important than what we do
    • Jesus is the something more we all are searching for

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