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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Matt 9: 35-38                                                                                                                                                               July 30/17

    Looking to the Harvest

    Our focus as followers of Jesus is to too be placed on others rather than ourselves.  Jesus challenges each of us as disciples to enlarge our understanding and engage our world.


    Background - First couple of weeks as disciples they are on a huge learning curve

    • Sermon on the Mount – Matthew must have been in attendance and heard this – Matt 5-7
    • Surprised by the lessons that stretched preconceived conclusions
    • Parable of wise and foolish builders that impressed them – Matt 7: 24-29
    • Wrestling with calling to ministry – Matt 9: 9-13
    • Witnessing dramatic healing and life changes

    o   Dead girl raised to life – Matt 9: 18-26

    o   Chronic pain and bleeding – Matt 9:18-26   

    o   Blind men have sight restored – Matt 9: 27-31   

    o   Man unable to talk healed – Matt 9: 32-33

    • Public opposition – Matt 9: 34


    Following Jesus means:

    1 Sharing life with others – vrs 35

    • Jesus went to where the people were
    • Jesus spent time with people from these places
    • Question is ‘are we spending time with others outside our comfort zone?’


    2 Noticing what is going on around us – vrs 36    

    • Jesus saw the people
    • Jesus talked with them
    • Jesus understood their needs
    • Question is ‘do we know what is going on around us?’
    • Questions is ‘And ‘are we willing to find out?’


    3 Finding a place to be involved – vrs 36    

    • Jesus had compassion – felt the need enough to do something
    • Jesus helped them – brought comfort and healing
    • Jesus saw the harvest and encouraged response – vrs 38   
    • Lots of need but not enough workers according to Jesus
    • Question is ‘Are we willing to volunteer for Jesus’ sake?’



    • What is going on around us?
    • Are we willing to step up and get involved?
    • The heart of Jesus is seen in what we do in His name

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