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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Dec9Fri

    'One Night in Bethlehem' by Pastor Vern

    December 9, 2016

    Luke 2: 8-15       

    The third Sunday of Advent points us to the manger with the amazing announcement that a baby was born who would take on the role of ‘Saviour’. No matter who we are the idea of rescue is appealing.

    Background – Luke 2: 1-7

    ·         A decree had been given by Caesar Augustus  to take a census

    ·         Everyone had to return to their family place of origin

    ·         Joseph and Mary had to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem

    ·         When they arrived two things happened

    o   There were no hotel rooms – everything was full

    o   Mary went into labour – the baby was coming

    ·         Only place to find some comfort was a stable

    ·         The baby was born and placed in the manger

    1 The Shepherds saw amazing things – Luke 2:8

    ·         They were used to beautiful sunrises and sunsets

    ·         The expanse of the heavens opened up

    ·         The residents of heaven were visible

    ·         There was brilliant colour and light

    ·         The night sky was alive with sights and sounds

    ·         The night sky in the hills of Bethlehem was different than they had ever been before

    ·         All of time was pointing to this moment

    2 The Shepherds heard an amazing message – Luke 2: 11-12

    ·         They were told not to be afraid of this sudden and miraculous moment

    ·         This was ‘good news’ worthy of ‘great joy’

    ·         The Shepherds had never heard anything like this before – mankind had never heard this either

    ·         This good news was for ‘all people’

    ·         I wonder what issues the Shepherds had they thought of in these moments

    ·         They were told that the baby was born in town and lying in a manger

    ·         The heavens erupted in praise and song

    3 The Shepherds set out on a night time adventure – Luke 2: 15-16

    ·         The night sky returned to normal

    ·         The quiet was louder than ever

    ·         Sleep was not an option

    ·         They wondered about what they had seen and talked about it

    ·         They decided to walk into town and see for themselves

    ·         They headed to the stable – Could it have been their own farm yard?


    • The Shepherds experienced an unusual divine appointment
    • The Shepherds were the first to hear the ‘Good News’ and it changed their lives
    • The Shepherds set out on an adventure that lasted the rest of their lives

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