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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Aug17Thu

    'Our Ordinary Calling' by Pastor Vern

    August 17, 2017

    August 13, 2017 Sermon - Matt 10: 1-20          

    The assignment given the disciples is similar to the mission and ministry of the modern church. We are commissioned to go and do the work and ministry of Jesus. Along the way it is possible to get distracted, lost and even give-up. However, the passionate mission of Jesus remains the same for us all

    Background - First couple of weeks as disciples they are on a huge learning curve

    • Sermon on the Mount – Matthew must have been in attendance and heard this – Matt 5-7
    • Surprised by the lessons that stretched preconceived conclusions
    • Parable of wise and foolish builders that impressed them – Matt 7: 24-29
    • Wrestling with calling to ministry – Matt 9: 9-13
    • Witnessing dramatic healing and life changes

    o   Dead girl raised to life – Matt 9: 18-26

    o   Chronic pain and bleeding – Matt 9:18-26   

    o   Blind men have sight restored – Matt 9: 27-31   

    o   Man unable to talk healed – Matt 9: 32-33

    • Public opposition – Matt 9: 34
    • The harvest challenge – Matt 9: 35-38


    1 Ordinary places

    • Go to the towns and villages similar to where they had been with Jesus
    • Jesus said the ‘ lost sheep of Israel’ – vrs 6     
    • Geographical area they were used to and knew

    2 Ordinary people – Matt 9:36, 10:6    

    • People like them – first and foremost
    • Not to others yet
    • People to whom the fulfillment of prophecy would be understood.
    • People that were lost in sin
    • People who were overwhelmed with the issues of daily life
    • People who needed and were looking for a Saviour

    3 Extra ordinary results – Matt 10:1   

    • Authority/power was given by Jesus – key thought in ministry
    • Jesus is willing for us to invest His name
    • Message ‘kingdom of God is near ‘ – vrs 7

    o    ‘healing, raise the dead, cleanse leprosy and drive out demons’

    • Face opposition – vrs 17   
    • Message or words will be given to you – vrs 19-20



    • The mission of Jesus sends us out
    • The mission of Jesus takes us to others around us
    • The mission of Jesus brings power for the task

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