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Sermon Outlines

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  • Oct13Fri

    'Our Values Shape Life' by Pastor Vern

    October 13, 2017

    Matt 5: 1-20      

    In Matthew’s gospel the principles of the Christian life are shared. As we read we learn of the kingdom values that need to be applied in every growing believer. Chronologically Matthew shares these lessons even before he acknowledges being a committed follower of Jesus.


    • Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River (Judean Desert) – Matt 3: 13-17        
    • Jesus is tempted by Satan in the Judean Mountains above Jericho – Matt 4: 1-17     
    • Jesus calls the first of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee and begins to teach – Matt 4: 18-21     
    • Matthew is still a tax collector in Capernaum at this point – Matt 8:9    
    • Matthew was beginning to learn the values of the kingdom from Jesus – Matt 5:1    

    1 Spiritual values bring blessing into the lives of believers – Matt 5: 1-10

    • The Beatitudes promise blessing for believers who strive for growth
    • Jesus was saying these qualities matter in kingdom life
    • Matthew was beginning to wrestle with these implications of faith life
    • Before we meet Jesus these values are not seen as important
    • When we meet Jesus these begin to rise in importance to us
      • Poor in spirit
      • Those who mourn
      • Those who are meek
      • Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
      • Those who are merciful
      • Those who are pure in heart
      • Those who are peacemakers
      • Those who are persecuted

    2 Spiritual values are ridiculed and mocked by many – Matt 5: 11-12

    • Many who do not yet believe in Jesus see no importance in these kingdom values
    • Some who do not believe take a position of opposition
    • Some who do not believe verbally insult or ridicule
    • Some who do not believe take actions against believers

    3 Spiritual values are life giving to dark and decaying situations – Matt 5: 13-16    

    • Jesus followers are called to be salt
      • Influence of preservation where sin abounds
      • Influence of flavour when others need a godly example
      • Jesus followers are a light in a dark place
        • Influence of light when a spark of light is needed for rescue
        • Influence of light when direction is needed

    Application – come to communion

    • Spiritual values are important as we grow in our faith life
    • Spiritual values give us foundation in changing times
    • Spiritual values are important to share in a dark world

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