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Sermon Outlines

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  • Sep15Fri

    'Reasons to Celebrate' by Pastor Vern

    September 15, 2017

    Col 1: 15-23   

    Jesus challenges us to remember him when we celebrate communion. This passage deals with the supremacy of Christ. We need to find one or two that will give shape to our enjoyment of communion.

    Here’s a devotional reminder of why we celebrate Jesus

     1 Jesus shows us what our heavenly Father is really like – vrs 15

    • ‘No one has ever seen God’  John 6:46
    • Jesus is the exact of full image

     2 Jesus created all things – vrs 16

    • All things in heaven and on earth
    • Things we see and things we don’t see

     3 Jesus holds us all together – vrs 17        

    • The things of our created world
    • Our very lives

     4 Jesus is the head of the body – vrs 18       

    • Jesus gives us direction and instruction
    • Jesus was here at the beginning and will be here at the end

     5 In Jesus the fullness of God dwells – vrs 19       

    • Love and forgiveness
    • Power and Majesty

     6 Jesus makes peace for us – vrs 20-21      

    • Reconciled all things to himself
    • Made peace between heaven and earth by His blood

     7 Jesus is willing to present us without sin – vrs 22       

    • He took our sin in himself
    • Paid the penalty of sin with His own blood – at great personal cost

     8 Jesus is the good news message for everyone – vrs 23        

    • That was the Christmas message – ‘Good news for all people’ -  Luke 2:10      
    • We can be rooted and established – strong faith


    • Reasons that give focus to Communion
    • One or two reasons that make this moment personal
    • Jesus anticipates this moment of celebration with us

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