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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Jun8Thu

    'Remain in Me' by Pastor Vern

    June 8, 2017

    John 15: 1-8          

    This was our theme for FMCIC General Conference 2017. Two thoughts guided our discussion.

    First was a question – ‘What kind of church does our community need?’

    Second was a statement – ‘We need to be a church that takes responsibility for our whole community’

    These verses challenge us to be in Christ and discover what He wants us to be doing to help his world discover spiritual health and life.

    1 Rooted in Christvrs 4, 7     

    • Intentional spiritual relationship that promotes health and life
    • Intentional spiritual relationship that begins with forgiveness
    • Intentional spiritual relationship that brings a solid foundation
    • Intentional spiritual relationship that provides stability for the challenges of growth

     2 Alive in Christvrs 2, 6      

    • To be alive in Christ is to be firmly attached to the vine
    • Our relationship and contact is vital to healthy growth
    • Learning to be alive in Christ is a day by day adventure
    • The goal of life in Christ is to be more fully alive than we think
    • Life in Christ is to be aware of the divine in our daily journey
    • Alive in Christ is to begin in simple ways to discover the mystery of kingdom life
    • Alive in Christ is to be aware of His life not ours

     3 Fruitful in Christ - vrs 2, 4       

    • To see the potential of life beyond our limited view
    • To find practical ways to encourage others – be a cheerleader for them
    • Go out of our way to model the love of Jesus to all
    • Find practical ways to be working in the kingdom
    • Find ways to invite others to consider Jesus
    • Celebrate the victories of kingdom growth

     APPLICATIONcoming to the Lord’s Table

    • When we remain in Jesus we are live
    • We stay healthy and grow as we remain in  Jesus
    • We are effective in kingdom work when we remain in Jesus

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