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Sermon Outlines

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  • Aug17Thu

    'Rest for Followers' by Pastor Vern

    August 17, 2017

    Matt 11: 25-30    

    One of the lessons for the disciples was to learn how to balance the issues of life. Partly the test was in their own lives but the challenge also was to take a message of hope to those who were ‘harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd’ Mt 9:36. We are challenged as followers of Jesus to both receive the message and pass it on to others.

    Background - First couple of weeks as disciples they are on a huge learning curve

    • Sermon on the Mount – Matthew must have been in attendance and heard this – Matt 5-7
    • Surprised by the lessons that stretched preconceived conclusions
    • Parable of wise and foolish builders that impressed them – Matt 7: 24-29
    • Wrestling with calling to ministry – Matt 9: 9-13
    • Witnessing dramatic healing and life changes

    o   Dead girl raised to life – Matt 9: 18-26

    o   Chronic pain and bleeding – Matt 9:18-26   

    o   Blind men have sight restored – Matt 9: 27-31   

    o   Man unable to talk healed – Matt 9: 32-33

    • Public opposition – Matt 9: 34
    • The harvest challenge – Matt 9: 35-38
    • On the job training – Matt 10: 1-20

    The Message

    1 Come – vrs 28      

    • Definition – invitation to walk towards

    §  To walk away from something

    o   Weary – includes the idea of heavy toil

    §  Overloaded - at breaking point

    2 Take – vrs 29

    • Definition – pickup

    §  Exchange - lighter load for heavy

    §  Choose to let go

    o   The message that the disciples (us) need to share is that this is possible

    3 Learn – vrs 29      

    • Definition – listen and apply through personal contact

    §  Close enough to hear Jesus talking

    §  Do by observing

    o   Yoke – pick up and put on - shared load – Jesus takes the bigger part of the load

    4 Find – vrs 30

    • Definition – discover by action

    §  Discover lighter load by moving forward and carrying a lighter load

    o   Rest – take ease, refresh, intermission


    • Coming to Jesus brings help and healing for all areas of life

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