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  • Apr21Fri

    'Solutions for Life' by Pastor Vern

    April 21, 2017

    2 Chronicles 20: 1-19  

    The Free Methodist General Conference is coming up in May. I received an email encouraging all of us to be in prayer for it. Along with the insights for prayer was this scriptural reference. Let’s probe the story.


    • Jehosahaphat was king of Judah – 2 Chron 17:2    
    • Jehosaphat’s heart was devoted to the Lord – 2 Chron 17:6  
    • Jehosaphat turned the hearts of the people back to the Lord – 2 Chron 19:4   
    • Jehosaphat served as King in Judah for 25 years – 2 Chron 20:31
    • Jehosaphat faced this life defining moment with the people – 2 Chron 20:1

     1 Everyone faces insurmountable situations – vrs 2   

    • These three armies are marching to war against Jeshosaphat
    • Supposed to be friends and it is a vast army
    • This threatens life as they know it
    • It strikes a chord with the leaders and the people
    • ‘What do we do now?’
    • All of us know this question and are familiar with these feelings

     2 Godly people seek the Lord for solutions – vrs 5    

    • Our default response is to fret, worry or stress out about the situation
    • It is a conscious choice to seek God’s will and input
    • We can come to Him and tell Him everything – lay it all out
    • How we feel and what we think about the situation
    • Healthy point of view

    o   Our only situation is ‘you’

    o   Everyone was standing before the Lord in expectation


    3 God faces the issues for us – vrs 15    

    • The Prophet Jahaziel said,  ‘For the battle is not yours but God’s’   
    • ‘You will not have to fight this battle’ – vrs 17
    • ‘Take up your positions’

    o   Report to work tomorrow and carry on

    o   Walk forward

    o   Keep your appointment and routine

    • ‘The Lord will be with you’


    • Don’t despair, be discouraged or afraid as we face these challenges
    • Talk to the Lord about everything
    • Trust Him for the solution He has

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