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Sermon Outlines

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  • Nov30Thu

    'The Angel Visits Mary' by Pastor Vern

    November 30, 2017

    Luke 1: 26-38                                                         

    The story of Christmas is both beautiful and simple. It tells of God`s love and plan to restore a broken relationship by sending us a Saviour.


    • 400 years of corporate silence
    • God had not responded to the needs of the nation in a public way
    • God was now beginning to share His surprising plan
    • Zacharias was serving in the temple in Jerusalem and was surprised by an angel – Luke 1: 11-12      
    • Zacharias questions the message and loses his voice for the duration – Luke 1: 20    
    • The people realize that Zacharias has had an ‘experience’ while in the temple – Luke 1:22
    • Zacharias was unable to communicate – only able to gesture
    • Meanwhile in Nazareth a couple of months later (6 to be exact) 

    1 FOUND – VRS 26-27      

    • Angel Gabriel appears in Nazareth
    • He is sent to give a message to Mary
    • She is engaged to Joseph and planning a wedding
    • Mary sees the angel Gabriel and is surprised and troubled (wondered)
    • Mary is in the middle of her ordinary day 

    2 FAVOURED – vrs 28-37      

    • Angel Gabriel greets her
    • ‘You have found favour with God’ – grace extended
    • ‘You will become pregnant and have a son’
    • ‘Give him the name Jesus. He will be called Son of the Most High’
    • ‘The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David’ – return of king and ruler
    • ‘He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end’
    • God will do this – ‘Nothing is impossible with God’  

    3 FINE – vrs 38     

    • Not just ho-hum but good to fantastic
    • ‘I am the Lord’s servant’ – I’m okay with this – doesn’t mean she fully understands
    • ‘May it be to me as you have said’
    • She is willing to follow the Lord’s will for her life



    • Am I willing to do the Lord’s will in my life
    • Nothing is impossible for God to do even though I may be surprised
    • Significant step to say ‘Yes, Lord’

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