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Sermon Outlines

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  • Feb2Fri

    'The Heart of Jesus' by Pastor Vern

    February 2, 2018

    Luke 15: 1-7                                                                                                                  

    The international body of Free Methodist conferences has named the next ten years as the ‘Decade of Harvest’. We are still passionate about seeing people around the world come to Jesus.

    We see the heart of Jesus unfolding in this chapter.


    • Jesus is travelling and is seeing lots of people
    • People have heard of him and are coming to him
    • Religious leaders are in the crowd and not pleased
    • They ignore needy people and Jesus did not
    • Their accusation - ‘he welcomes and eats with sinners’
    • Invitation to eat together -  assumptions
      • Spend time getting to know someone
      • Permission to be together in relaxed manner
      • Potential  to open up and share life stories
      • Usually reserved for friends
      • Jesus used this time to begin a conversation and friendship

    Luke 15: 4-7       

    1 Shepherd notices one sheep is missing

    • 99 sheep are safe and looked after
    • 1 is missing – is it worth looking for?
    • Should a search be initiated?
    • Jesus is speaking – of course you go – that’s what is done – the heart of Jesus
    • Where to look? – don’t know just go
      • Wilderness – lost, potential danger, outside comfort zone, sense of urgency
      • Intentional wandering, stubborn, seeking own way, drifting, not paying attention
      • Needing assistance, may not even be aware of danger

    2 Search is immediate and serious

    • Search involves hard work and effort – one lost is important
    • Search is coordinated – keep track of where you have looked
    • Search is looking for dangerous pitfalls – places where harm can come
    • Search is hopeful – looking for a good result

    3 Search is only completed when lost is found

    • Rescue ends to search for the lost
    • Lost is included with the rest or the safe sheep
    • Searchers can be comforted and find rest

    Application – Understanding the heart of Jesus

    • Does the idea of missing or lost people concern us or do we think 99 are enough?
    • Does the concern of Jesus motivate us?
    • Are we willing to ‘eat’ or engage those outside the kingdom in conversation?
    • Where might we begin to look?

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