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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Acts 2: 1-4               

    This Sunday commemorates the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the believers of Jesus Christ following his ascension. The Christian church has recognized from its inception that unless the power of God, through the specific work of the Holy Spirit, fills the believer we are in effect powerless and unproductive.


    Ø  POWER – wind – vrs 2

    o   Sound of mighty, violent, rushing wind – God at work in and through us

    o   Evidence of power/force – God’s power that works in us

    Ø  PURITY – fire – vrs 3

    o   Flames or tongues of fire – submitting or reaching into all of our life

    o   Symbol of cleansing/purifying – getting rid of areas that contaminate

    Ø  PROCLAMATION – tongues – vrs 4

    o   Speech in variety of languages - able to talk with others

    o   Communication with others – a message that makes sense

    o   Telling the story of Jesus.

    WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – John 16: 5-14

    Ø  Conviction – vrs 8

    o   Of sin

    o   Of God’s righteousness

    o   Of coming judgment

    Ø  Guidance – vrs 13

    o   Into truth – right and wrong

    o   Mysteries of God’s heart that we need to know

    o   Glimpse of the future to help us

    Ø  Revelation – vrs 14

    o   God moments – when the presence of Jesus is especially real

    o   Things of God that He wants to share with us.


    Ø  Conscience – mind and thoughts – help with choices.

    Ø  Choices – giving us help and wisdom to go the right way and do the right thing

    Ø  Common sense James 1:5 ‘when you need wisdom ask for it.’


    Ø  God’s gift of help and comfort

    Ø  God’s gift for every believer

    Ø  God’s gift for the whole world

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