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Sermon Outlines

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  • Mar23Fri

    'The Triumphal Entry' by Pastor Vern

    March 23, 2018

    Luke 19: 28-48                                           

    Today is the traditional celebration of Palm Sunday. This is the day when Christian church remembers Jesus coming to the city of Jerusalem in the middle of a parade. Some pretty amazing observations are made by Jesus in these moments.

    1 The parade is formed – vrs 28-38    

    • Jesus and the followers approach the city
    • Two disciples go and find the donkey
    • They bring the donkey and cover it with coats
    • Jesus sits on the donkey
    • They come to the city shouting “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord”
    • The parade grew as they moved forward
    • The city became aware of this unusual moment

    2 Celebration was spontaneous – vrs 39-40   

    • Some of the religious leaders wanted to downplay the moment
    • They wanted the noise and celebration to stop
    • Jesus said that celebration was not an option
    • Divine praise was in order
    • If the crowd was quiet creation would take up the celebration
    • Even what we consider as the most lifeless object as a store would cry out
    • This was a divine moment and we need to be part of it – spectators or participants

    3 The city was missing the moment – vrs 41-44   

    • The press of daily life clouded the people’s minds
    • Jesus wept for the city because he knew what the consequences were
    • Disaster would overwhelm them – they would be unprepared for what was to come
    • When the angry reaction against God was unleashed the response would be “You missed it” 
    • “You did not recognize the time of God coming to you”  
    • Jesus comes to break into our ordinary routine and offer us forgiveness and life

    4 Church was to be a place of prayer – vrs 45-48   

    • Jesus went to the temple and cleaned it up
    • “My house”
    • The primary focus with God is relationship and conversation
    • For God it is not ‘business but intentionally personal’
    • Sometimes we allow our focus with God to be more about others - social and business
    • Jesus sets the standard at prayer and intimacy
    • People may react against this idea but God wants us to focus on Him


    • Jesus invites us to come and join where He is going
    • We must make a choice or decision to come to Jesus
    • Jesus desires that all would come and find life

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