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Sermon Outlines

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  • Dec22Thu

    'Thinking About Christmas' by Pastor Vern

    December 22, 2016

    Luke 2: 15-20                                                             

    Christmas Sunday presents us with the privilege of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    Today is a special time to renew our commitment to Him and celebrate our life in Jesus

    Background – Luke 2: 15-20

    ·         The angels that appeared and sang for the shepherds were gone

    ·         The shepherds thought and talked about what they had seen

    ·         Sleep was not an option so they took a night time walk into town and found the stable

    ·      ‘Let’s go see the thing that the Lord has told us about’      

    ·         They found Jesus and told everything that they had heard

    ·       ‘All who heard were amazed’

    ·       ‘Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart’

    ·         The shepherd returned celebrating God and their new understanding and appreciation of Him

    Thinking about Christmas

    1 Joy of Christmas

    ·         The contented feeling of young parents just after the baby arrives safely

    ·         Holding and bonding with Jesus

    ·         A couple of hours to adjust to this new reality

    o   What changes will this bring?

    o   What will we do?

    o   Is something bigger happening here?

    ·         The arrival of the first visitors

    ·         Others may have heard the voices and commotion and come too.

    2 Message of Christmas

    ·         Shepherds came – quiet or noisy? Did they wake up the baby?

    ·         They tell about the angels – what they had seen and heard

    ·         Found the baby in a manger just as they had been told

    ·‘Saviour is born’   

    ·‘Christ the Lord’ – Messiah

    3 Wonder of Christmas

    ·         Amazing confirmation of what Mary and Joseph had heard months ago that no one else knew

    ·         They are trying to take it all in

    ·         Ponder – think about carefully, contemplate, consider, review, weigh carefully

    o   Take it all in

    o   ‘I must remember this’


    • ·Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas
    • ·Talk about Christmas – the events of this amazing moment
    • ·Ponder Christmas – What does it all mean to me today?

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