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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Jun1Fri

    'We Are Loved' by Pastor Vern

    June 1, 2018

    Rom 5: 1-11                      

    This is an amazing moment to remember the blessing of being part of this wonderful church and also be reminded of the truth of God that binds us together.

    1 Lavish love – vrs 5    

    • Poured out  - no limits
    • What was the budget of the royal wedding – no budget – when your grandmother is the richest women in the world  there is no budget
    • No limits
    • Generously covered – like good gravy
    • Without restraint
    • Not sprinkled or dampened
    • God generously saturates our hearts with the Holy Spirit

    2 Practical love – vrs 3-4     

    • Helpful resources for the journey
    • Applicable for the these steps
    • Especially designed for suffering
      • ‘Murphy’s law’ – what can go wrong will go wrong
      • Pressure or stress points of daily life
      • Extra energy or effort required
      • New challenges that come and add to the moment
      • Help to guide our choices
      • Help us to persevere, to develop character and offer hope to those around us

    3 Saving love – vrs 6-8      

    • Even before we knew we had a problem God prepared
    • We were powerless to do anything in those moments
    • Then we began to be aware of our great need
    • No ability to fix, respond or repair
    • God had already set in motion what we needed
    • Jesus Always – May 27                                                                                                                               ‘My kingdom is not of this world; it is indestructible and eternal. When you see shocking evil and mismanagement all around you, do not despair. As I was being arrested, I told My disciples that I could call on My Father and He would send more than twelve legions of angels to rescue Me. However, this was not the plan We had chosen. It was necessary for Me to be crucified – to save everyone who calls on My Name’



    • Carry on faithfully – don’t change or quit now
    • Work at developing Godly character – be people of spiritual integrity
    • Be messengers of hope – this voice is hardly heard these days

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