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  • Oct21Fri

    'Yes Lord. I'm Listening.' by Pastor Vern

    October 21, 2016

    1 Samuel 3: 1-10                                                                                    

    We each are invited to embrace the hard work of growing up in Christ. Scripture reminds us of the kingdom character traits that reflect a Christ-like life. Our challenge is to work hard at applying these.

    Building Christ-like character – ‘Practice of Godliness’ Jerry Bridges p12

    1.       Our relationship with God – humility, contentment, thankfulness, and joy

    2.       Our own lives – holiness, self-control, and faithfulness

    3.       Our relationship with others – peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, and love

    Humility – action verb

    • ·         Humble ourselves is something we are to do
    • ·         This is not something that someone else does to us or forces us to do
    • ·         Humility is a deliberate, conscience effort – to serve or give honour
    • ·          To live humbly before God is to daily practice an awareness of who He is
    • ·         To live humbly before God is to bow down, and honour Him and be willing to say ‘Yes, Lord.’
    • ·         The Holy Spirit does not make us humble
    • ·         The Holy Spirit enables us to humble ourselves in all situations
    • ·         Humility is the gift of being able to bow before the Lord and do what He wants

     Samuel discovers that God is personal

     1 The practice of godliness involves conversation

    • ·         The voice of God had not been heard in recent times – vrs 1
    • ·         Samuel and Eli were going about their nightly routines – vrs 2  
    • ·         God called Samuel’s name
    • ·         Samuel immediately went to Eli because he assumed he called
    • ·         Eli sends him away – vrs 5  
    • ·         A second time God calls to get Samuels attention – vrs 6
    • ·         A second time Samuel is sent back to bed

    2 The practice of godliness requires learning to recognize God’s voice

    • ·         Samuel did not know the voice of God in his life – vrs 7
    • ·         The third time Samuel came, Eli knew that this was a God moment – vrs 8   
    • ·         Eli tells Samuel to talk to God the next time – vrs 9

    3 The practice of godliness invites us to listen

    • ·         The Lord comes and is present – vrs 10
    • ·         God calls again to Samuel by name
    • ·         Samuel responds this time with ‘I’m listening’

    Application - Come to the table of the Lord

    • ·         Humility before God builds a relationship with Him
    • ·         Humility before God allows me to learn to recognize His voice
    • ·         Humility before God invites me to stop and listen to Him


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